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December 10th, 2012, 10:58 AM
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Hi there,

I've been TTC for 5 months now, and since going off the pill, my cycles have been around 20 days on average (Super short!). This cycle is now on day 25, but I've been spotting with slight hints of red for over a week, though it's so light that a thin panty liner can last me all day. I'm now on cycle day 25, which is further than I've ever made it before without getting a period, at least over the last 4 months. But today there's a lot more red in the flow, though it usually only shows up when wiping or when doing a CM check, and it's still such a light flow that I've experienced more blood loss from a paper cut. I was hoping this was the month that I could actually make it far enough to do a pregnancy test, but with this light bleeding/spotting, I'm wondering if I already have my answer -- a negative.

So I have two questions: with red flow, even if it's so light that almost nothing is happening, is this day one of my next cycle? If not, is it worth doing a pregnancy test?

Thanks so much!
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