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December 10th, 2012, 11:56 AM
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Hi ladies.
Sorry if this is a long post, but I feel like sharing all the details with you.
Here is my story: My son is 10 months old, and I have been almost exclusively breastfeeding him for the first 6 months. After introducing solids, I continued breastfeeding but not as often as before. I went back to work in October when he was 8 months. I did not find the time nor energy to pump at work so I started nursing him only in the morning and at night. Now I sometimes nurse him twice a day, sometimes only one time.
I have notice all kinds of weird things with my body during all these 10 months. Gloowy EWCM at times, sometimes with a tint of yellowish green, sometimes dry, sometimes with a low and soft CP, sometimes out of reach, bloating, weird emotions, weird hunger, super energetic days and sleepy days, - you name it, I experienced it!
So last Wednesday, I woke up and notice thick brownish blood as I wipe. I chunked fell in the toilet. Thought it was AF showing up 10 months PP. Wore a pad that day, only one for the entire day and it was far from being full. Same thing on Thursday, with even less “blood”. Same thing Friday, except that there was next to nothing on the pad when I disposed of it that evening. Since Friday, I haven’t had any spotting of any kind. It was mostly spotting, the blood never turned red. Never felt any cramps.
I know that it takes a while before our bodies return to regular cycles, so I didn’t worry about it thinking it was just a weird first period. But after reading about what the average pp period is like, I realize that I’m far from the typical super heavy and crampy period. I’m starting to wonder if the spotting could be implantation bleeding…
We were not trying to conceive, we were actually trying to prevent. I am not taking any BC, we’re simply using the pulling out method which doesn’t have the highest success rate. My BF is particularly not the best at it either (sorry bf, I still love you ).
What do you think?

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