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December 10th, 2012, 07:25 PM
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Let me explain everything.
My last period was October 28th until November 4th, the boyfriend and I decided to drink a little the day my period ended and he ended up finishing inside of me. I am now 2 weeks and two days late for my period.
Last Christmas I got pregnant and lost the baby around 9 weeks so I know what it feels like to me to be pregnant. My boobs didn't hurt, I didn't even notice anything, my mom notices that I wa more moody that lately.
I realized I was six days late for my period.. Usually my boobs start to hurt right before my period and they didn't at all. I had cramps and a lot more caginal discharge but no period came.. I have a cyst on my ovary and it normally makes me around 2-5 days late. Nothing like this.
I'm never hungry anymore.. Nothing sounds good too me. I went to the mall and on our way there my whole body went numb like I had low blood sugar and was over heated I got super dizzy and almost passed out.. That has never happened to me before. Also, I've never been more than a week late for my period beside the time that I was pregnant and even then I still had some bleeding. (Doc said it was normal) now I'd be around six weeks along, I'm going to the bathroom more, I'm so moody, I cry over EVERYTHING. I crave pizza just like last time. Now my left breast is a little sore. But nothing major. I have taken about six tests and they have all been negative.. I really don't know what's going on.. I feel pregnant in my heart but the test say other wise.. Any advice or input from experienced ladies? Please (:
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