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December 11th, 2012, 12:13 PM
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My experience with back labor was painful but it isn't enough to detour me from doing it again. I fully support my choices in NCB.

Now if you're asking the question in which I actually think is easier, of course I think having an epi is easier. My cousin gave birth the same day as me and her pictures are like night and day from mine. I had been in and out of the tub and shower several times so my hair is a mess from sweat and water. I'm covered in tears and running left over mascara. I was a mess in my pictures. Hers, she looks like a model after just pushing out her kid! She didn't break a sweat lol. Of course it's easier a majority of the time in my opinion. It's not the epi I'm scared of though. It's the pitocin and the increase in csection that comes with an epi. If you could gaurantee me that those would not be pushed but I could get an epi then maybe my view would be different. But unfortunately that's not how it works. Once you have an epi you're stuck on your back and then labor can stall then bring in the pit....... Sorry I just rambled lol....

I'll take my NCB any day because there's a high and a feeling of accomplishment you can't get from anything else. Plus I know it's best for me and my baby. Sometimes what's easiest in life isn't the best.
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