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December 11th, 2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
We are working on this. We've explained that once you no longer believe in Santa, he no longer comes to your house. So kids who don't get Santa presents aren't necessarily naughty, they just don't believe in him. Also explained it's not polite to try and berate his friends into believing in Santa, that's something they have to be able to do on their own, that we respect what they believe, and just believe in what we believe ourselves. He seems to have gotten it, and we didn't get a message last week about him yelling at the kids again.

I just wish on the flip side every kid in class wasn't trying to convince him Santa wasn't real. Started last year in Kinder... wasn't expecting that at all.. Teacher says it's pretty 50/50, and the not real kids are absolutely out to convince the others there is no Santa. 2 blog posts, 2 emails and a letter home and it's not getting any better.
Unfortunately, that's, most often, a learned behavior. Not always, of course, and I'm not necessarily saying the parents of those children encourage them to convince the other kids he's not real. But they obviously don't do much to teach their children tolerance of others' beliefs, either. I'm sure there are kids who are taught tolerance, yet still try to convince other children their way of thinking IS the only right way. But I'll bet that number is much lower than the number of kids who have parents that don't teach them how to be tolerant, if not understanding of others and what they choose to believe.

It's most definitely a two way street and it goes both ways equally. Both sides have a responsibility to teach their children, imo. Both sides seem to equally not do so, though. Shame really.
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