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December 11th, 2012, 05:23 PM
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I haven't thought about it really.

I do remember after having DS, like a long while after having him I noticed that I had just not been myself for a long time. Not sad or feeling like hurting myself but no motivation, would catch myself staring off, people got on my nerves, stuff like that. After we had our loss back in March it got worse and I finally decided I'd talk to my Dr and I told her I had been this way for a long time and I just was honestly scared to admit I might need an anti depressant but that I feel like the M/C made it worse. She prescribed me Zoloft and within just a couple days I started feeling a thousand times better! I only took it a month then stopped because I found out I was pregnant plus I gained 12lbs in just that month I took it.

Anyways didn't mean to write a book, but what I'm trying to say I guess is that I do worry I'll get like that again and I don't want to take Zoloft again just because of the weight gain but I'm scared to try any other kind of anti depressant because idk anyone else who is on other kinds and I'm scared of stuff making me worse!

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