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December 11th, 2012, 06:18 PM
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Thanks everyone! He is doing great! It was a 24 hr long labor that stalled some and never got past cx every 7 mins for FOREVER!! We had a few issues, namely I had a swollen cervical lip that wouldn't let his big nogging past it and his head was also just a tad bit misaligned. So when the MW discovered this (maybe why it was taking so long and why I had so much false labor?) she put a couple ice cubes on the lip and then pushed his head back in the uterus to get it aligned again. It worked but man, was it rough. Those cx after a long super tiring day were hard work! Didn't get to have him in water, but that's ok. And pushed him out in only 3 pushes!

Had a tear that the MW thought was a 4th degree tear (I was seriously so ready for him to be here and I pushed even when she told me not to, I wanted him OUT! haha!) so she sent me to the hospital to get it repaired by a doctor. Turned out it was only a 2nd degree tear, whew!!

Otherwise we are doing great. He barely fits into his NB clothes and diapers. It's so funny, I had no suspicions of him being "big" like this. Both of my girls were 7lb 10oz! I dont know how long he is, we'll measure him tonight. Oh and he has hair like Char did when she was born.

Gotta get back to nursing! He's doing great at that, too, thankfully!

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