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December 11th, 2012, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by cutebee View Post
Ditto I'm worried. I've been on depression meds for years and I've been feeling off lately. You know those days where you feel sad/off but don't know why. I have such a hard time trying to explain this to DH cause he doesn't get how I can't know what it is thats bothering me.
I totally know what you mean. I lowered my dosage of anxiety meds when I was trying to get pregnant and I've noticed a difference. They say though that you never really just have one mental issue and with the anxiety can come OCD and some really mild depression for me. I've found that I've had a really hard time coping sometimes in my pregnancy and my nesting is ocassionally really my OCD kicking in. I'm trying to be aware of it and control it, but it's hard.

I really don't want to take meds for PPD and I may not have PPD but I am going to have my DH keep an eye on it with that test you can use to monitor PPD. Also, I'm really glad my mom will be around to help because she is a therapist and knows what to look for.

Also, I am going to use some healthy coping mechanisms anyway to deal with any stress or anxiety I might have after baby. For me these things are: talking a quick walk, hoping in the shower (it helps I swear!), and possibly taking vitamins and a healthy diet. It's worth it I think for any mom to find out what will help them when they need some comfort post baby.

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