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December 12th, 2012, 10:31 AM
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and no one told me?
DH asked BM what the kids needed/wanted for Christmas.(he'd asked them and they rattled off like a million things he could barely hear cuz they put him on speaker phone) anyway she tells him "Kayley wants a doll house, I'll send you the link and Ethan wants a DS and needs clothes"
So we go to the doll house she wants, it's 250$, a nintendo DS is like 150$ we can't afford that!
we have a budget of 100 for each kid.. THEN she says "Christmas is tight hook a Nigga up" meaning she wanted extra with CS..
Apparently we're rich and I just didn't know it?
We even offered to go in half with her for the dollhouse and she said she couldn't afford that..
So now we're trying to find a cheaper dollhouse and figure out something for Ethan(besides the clothes clothes)
this woman.. like I get that she struggles, but EVERY YEAR she does this, I shop a little at a time for Audrey and we didn't have to buy her a single gift this month because I'd already gotten it all over the last few months... I feel bad for the kids, because she's making it sound like they won't have a Christmas if DH doesn't fork out the cash

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