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December 12th, 2012, 02:21 PM
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Hey ladies, I was gone for a couple days at my mom's. My heart had really been acting up and I was feeling a bit nervous about DH was concerned about me because I'm home alone with a toddler, so he called my mom and asked if I could stay over for a day or two. My mom is a sweetheart and picked us up so I wouldn't have to drive. I probably would have been fine to drive, but she was worried about me too.
My doc's office had had me stop taking my Atenolol so they could get some good readings on my heart monitor I'm wearing, but I only made it about 5 days into the week that they wanted me to do. It's just been too hard! The house work was piling up and I felt housebound, because I would start to do something and then feel crappy and have to just sit down. I had hardly been doing anything those 5 days, and when I called the doc and asked if I should come in, they said just drink lots of water and take it easy. Kinda annoyed me cause that's what I've been time I'm just going to make an appointment and come in.
I made a deal with my doc, I'll go off the Atenolol only after my DH gets back from being over the road. I see the cardiologist on the 28th and DH should get home around the 21st so that will give them a good week of readings. My doc agreed to it, but I would have done it anyway even if she hadn't. Sometimes I think they think I'm making a big deal out of nothing...but I tend to downplay stuff so it's usually worse than I'm saying it is! Oh well.

Anyway I feel much better now back on the meds and I'm glad I decided just to go back on it. It wasn't worth it to me!

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