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December 12th, 2012, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenoj View Post
I guess this is sort of what I have a problem with. I'm sure you don't mean it this way, but when I see/hear people say this it makes it seem like the only way for children to be this happy is with Santa. They do Santa to make their children happy and they just wouldn't be as joy-filled if they knew he was fake. Not telling kids about Santa is somehow "taking this away from them". That's how it comes off. I think children can be just as happy, Christmas can be just as much fun, etc without Santa. Santa being real isn't necessary for your children to have big smiles on their faces that warms your heart.
Then that's simply your terrible interpretation of what I said. I never said a **** word about others not celebrating Santa being unable to have a happy holiday, or happy children at the holidays. You need to stop looking for intent to insult, when there is absolutely none there. Just because others are snotty with you about it in your life doesn't mean everyone is going to be. What I said does not in any way come across the way you interpreted it. You're projecting, and that is entirely your issue, not mine.

That's exactly why you get miffed, you find insults where no one sticks them. Because thus far, in this thread, I haven't seen a single person say "if you don't have Santa, you can't have happy", or anything even remotely close to it. I have no doubt that people in your life, and elsewhere do exactly that, tell you that you're somehow damaging children by not having this sort of belief. Or that by telling other kids there isn't a Santa, you're taking away the magic from them. I know they exist, I've seen them. They exist on both sides of the fence, too, in both camps. But that doesn't mean that everyone who does celebrate Santa, thinks like them.

I posted that pic as an example of why we do Santa, and what Santa does for MY kids. Not as an example of why others should, or why it's necessary, or anything like that. I even qualified the post as such. Yet still, you found offense. Which tells me, you were looking for it in the first place. I also never said they NEED Santa to have such smiles on their faces. Again, you're projecting your own issues. I said that this particular smile came about because of Santa and how we celebrate and I, personally, don't find a need to take that particular smile away. My children smile for all kinds of reasons. They even smile at kids and adults alike who like to think their ways are the only right ways
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