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December 12th, 2012, 06:18 PM
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(12/12) I spent all night last night throwing up and going to the bathroom. Not fun. I wasn't able to keep any fluids down, so I called my doctor this morning and went in around 10. I got an IV and 2 liters of fluid + some anti-nausea medicine (I couldn't keep down zofran even). It took three sticks to get the IV in, and that wasn't fun. I had a scheduled appointment with the doctor tomorrow, so he just did all the checks today. Baby still isn't growing. She is now about 5 weeks behind. Estimated weight at about 4 lbs, when she should be up in the 6 lb+ range. Shes now in the 3rd percentile. boo. So now they've labeled me as a high risk pregnancy and I have to go in twice a week. They made an appointment for me with a specialist. I guess they only come to town once a month, and they are going to be here on Monday, and someone else had cancelled - so I'm grateful that we at least have an appointment to see them. I finally left the office at 2:00.
It's hard because during the appointment the doctor said both that it would be good if I just go into labor naturally in the next week (I'll be 36 weeks on Friday), but that also it would be good if she keeps baking. Mixed feelings! I just want everything to be good! My cervix is almost completely thinned out. So who knows. Anyway, thanks for your support. I just want whats going to be best for baby cakes - it's hard now knowing what that is.

***Update 12/14***
Went in to the hospital today to have a more in depth ultrasound and cord study. Just was able to talk to the doctor over the phone, so not quite as much information as I would've loved, but enough to get me through the weekend. So anyway, baby cakes is indeed small and now officially has the diagnosis of IUGR (intrauterine Growth Restriction). This is because basically the cord is sucky. It's got a high resistance index, and basically the index measures the awesomeness of the cord. At this point, if the index goes up, the quality of the cord is going down. So I've going another NST scheduled for first thing Monday morning, and a meeting with the specialist on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday they will do another cord study, and if the index has risen too much, then that means the cord is deteriorating and they will induce asap. They will also induce if the NST doesn't go well on Monday. Otherwise I've got a tentatively scheduled induction for the 21st which is my 37 week mark. Yay, for 37 weeks and strong lungs. Not looking forward to pictocin, and not quite the birth plan I was hoping for, but at this point, who cares. Plus the timeline is pretty hectic - starting induction on the 21st - probably no baby till the 22nd - few days in the hospital - means maybe DH gets baby cakes in his stocking on Christmas....??? All of the in-law side of the family is arriving in town on the 24th. Yikes!! I'm relieved that they didn't find something wrong with her today, very happy that it's the cord! small victory, but I'll take it! Thoughts and prayers are still appreciated.

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