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December 12th, 2012, 06:22 PM
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Hi -
it's normal to be nervous of a c-section. I've had a rough time healing (going on 5 months and I still have an open incision) however, this is very rare. Most other people I've talked with have healed in about 6 weeks. I've never had a vaginal birth, so I can't compare the two, but it is painful, it's major surgery.

The actual procedure in my case was good, I got a spinal, which I couldn't feel at all since they froze the area first, then from my chest down went numb right away. The area is covered so you and your partner can't see anything, and, in my case, the doctors were very quiet and I couldn't hear what was going on at all (it was a teaching hospital too, so there were a ton of doctors in the room). Within a few minutes, she was out. They held her over the sheet so we could see her quickly, then took off with her to clean her and weigh, measure her. They brought her to us about 4 minutes later.

Closing up took what seemed like forever, they also (to my understanding) give you something in your IV to make your uterus contract and then they push on it a lot...but you can't feel anything, just some tugging and pulling. One of the pain meds they put in the spinal causes itching, worse for some than was pretty bad for me, I was so itchy.

Healing, as I said, is taking forever for me and I was in extreme pain for months...but, this is rare...

On the good side - you don't have to go through labour! On the bad side - healing is longer, you're more limited to what you can do after and some woman have issues with the fact that they did not give birth, kinda of like you're stripped of what's 'supposed' to happen during birth.

All in all - as long as the baby arrives safely, that is ALL THAT MATTERS.

It's not easy to have a baby and it's painful no matter how you do it.

I hope the above didn't scare you, I always think that it can't be this bad for the majority of people if some people chose an elective section...

Good luck with everything!!
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