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December 12th, 2012, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Frozenoj View Post
Anyway my point was only to tell you that it can come off that way, in case you didn't know. To provide some perspective for the other side. If you don't want it to come off that way, it's really easy for it not to. Just saying something like while this works for our family, I'm sure there are other things your kids equally enjoy. Or this smile is what makes me happy with my decision, and I'm sure you'll be happy with yours as well. It's not about being right vs wrong. It's about both decisions being equal and coming with their own downfalls and gains.

How did it come off that way, in your opinion, when I said nothing of the sort? Didn't even remotely hint at it. So how did you actually see that?(that's not a snotty remark, it's an honest question)

This entire thread, I've been saying the exact opposite of what it seems you saw out of that post. I assume(maybe I shouldn't, lol) that you've read my other posts. Where I've quite clearly said, countless times, I believe folks should be free to believe, celebrate and such, as they so wish. I am NOT the person who would, or does, say that people who don't do things like we are, are somehow doing it wrong or killing the happiness of the holidays for their kids. I'm the person that will go along with what others do for their families, because I feel they should be able to(and not just on the topic of Santa). I've said there is no right or wrong here. I never said I was right, or my way is right, other than it being right for us. Everyone is right, when it applies to themselves and their families. I've said as much already in this thread, more than once. Which is why I question how you could possibly get what you did out of what I said. That's where projection comes into play. You run into it elsewhere and are applying it here, where it's not applicable.

I DID qualify my post by specifically stating that this is something that makes MY child happy, and why. So, like I said, I can't see how it could come off that way. It would seem you either chose to ignore what I actually said, or wrongly assumed what I meant based on how others treat this topic. I'm not others, and not everyone is going to treat the topic the same way some people you have come across have, do, and will. Some of us truly are neutral. I happen to be one of them. Just because I celebrate a certain way doesn't mean I can't find merit in what others do. But, I've already said that.

Yes there are idiots who think their way is the right way, and the only way, and everyone else is wrong. No I don't think you're one of them, nor did I say so. Actually I don't think most people here are, not on this topic anyway, lol. The last sentence was a continuance of something I said earlier about teaching our children tolerance. I do teach them, therefore they are able to face the people who think their belief in Santa is stupid, with a smile. Because they know that not everyone believes the same things they do, and that's a-ok in my book(and theirs).
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