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December 13th, 2012, 02:59 AM
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For example, does your clinic/obgyn/midwife call you back with test results/recommendations etc? I'm worried I may need a new doctor ASAP.

So on my first visit she had my write down symptoms and 2 of them I listed were, 1 I had a fever of 100.2 and nothing below 99.5 for the last week, and then 2) I had a burning sensation/believed maybe a UTI. Well she completely blew off both of these and didn't even bother doing a wet prep/or my temperature and instead sent me home after a UA and a blood test. 3 days later I get my results back from my UA online (no phone call or anything) and I'm positive for mass bacteria, yeast, leukocyte esterase, trace amounts of blood, and a leukocyte in urine count through the roof. Still she doesn't call or leave a note or anything. I'm a nursing student so just reading that is pretty OBVIOUS of an infection to me (UTI/Kidney problem) so I call her up and the stupid woman tells me to go to walgreens and buy some monostate 7.... Thankfully the DH is like "Yeah no, you're going back to the clinic, you still have a 100 temperature and that's not healthy in the first trimester". So I made another appointment and I practically had to beg her to run another UA/wet prep to which she replied, "Oh I'm sure it's just a small yeast infection. You'll be fine, drink some water and use the cream" Again she didn't take my temperature or address the fever...We finally talked her into doing another UA and the wet prep finally and sure enough it was positive again for high amounts of bacteria, yeast, leukocyte esterase, and WBCs in the 35-45s, so she ordered a broad spectrum antibiotic and sent me home with the promise that, "As soon as the rest of the results are in, I'll call you and let you know what's going on/what type of infection you have". Well now it's been 3 days and she STILL has not called me.... I'm hoping the baby is okay but I've heard so many horror stories about fevers, utis, and kidney infections in the first trimester and honestly I don't believe it's a yeast infection. (There's no discharge, no smell etc) and since she didn't even give me a diagnosis, I'm not even sure what I should be doing in order to cure it beyond the antibiotic... So tell me, am I crazy or do you guys think I should find a different doctor? Because I honestly do not feel she has answered my questions or hell even LOOKED at my test results until I had to point out the obvious to her..
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