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December 13th, 2012, 07:49 AM
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Congrats! I am so so happy to read a birth story from our group of mamas!!! HE is beauutiful!! Congrats

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What an amazing story. It really drives home to me the merits of laboring at home as long as possible (as long as things are normal and the baby seems to be healthy). It also makes me feel good about my ability, maybe not to get through it without an epi, but that strength I didn't know I even had will come through while in labor. I am pretty wimpy myself, so it's reassuring to hear someone having gone through that pain the way you did!

Mamma, I have had all 5 of my babies w/o Epi. And I really dont like pain LOL. But by the time I wanted it, it was too late and within minutes I was pushing and had a baby in my arms. You will too.

Mykelti James 01.21.13
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