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December 13th, 2012, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Mrshall84 View Post
I'm a license cosmetologist and in based on what I got taught in school. Its mostly personal preference and what your dr thinks. If you are in a well ventilated area then you should be fine after the 1st trimester. The 2 most common reasons its suggested to not dye your hair is A) because of the pregnancy hormones now in your body your skin may be more sensitive. You could have an allergic reaction to something that you normally would have been fine using. B) Because most women have a change in body temperature your color may not come out the color you want.

I have known many hairstylists who working doing hair while pregnant, breathing in the fumes coming in contact with the chemicals and even getting their hair done and their babies were perfectly healthy.

I think it is really a personal opinion and if you are worried I would just talk to your dr or look into natural dyes like henna or something "vegan" friendly that does not contain the chemicals typical color does.
This is what my hairstylist has said too I had my hair done after the 1st trimester last time and will probably do that this pregnancy too. She uses safe organic dye. My ob also says its fine.

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