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December 13th, 2012, 08:00 AM
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I was mortified when I found out I needed a C Section - I was planning a natural birth for goodness' sake!!! Here is a blow by blow - I wish people had told me this stuff prior to because I wouldn't have been so scared. It sucks the next day. Period. Every day gets better though. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

They put something in your IV while prepping you that makes your BP drop so you might feel horrible for a minute, it passes; they make you drink this horrid stuff (like sweat) to neutralize your stomach acid right before going into the OR; you will more than likely be prepped in the actual OR suite alone with just the medical staff but they should let your partner in soon; they put little inflatable booties on your feet to make sure circulation continues; they will come off tomorrow but be ready for another night of crappy sleep bc they are loud! idk if you had this, but i ALWAYS had to pee so the catheter was a god send - they, if they have a heart, won't put it in until AFTER your spinal - you won't feel it and when it comes out, it's a tiny pinch the next day. what else...spinal isn't bad - it's really measured bc they know how long they have to numb you for so i was flopping my legs like 45 mins post surgery - it feels like a little pinch, then your legs get warm and heavy. just make sure you stay on top of your meds! don't be a hero!

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