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December 13th, 2012, 08:34 AM
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Hi Team Green!! If you're thinking about not finding out if it's a girl or boy, then you should know about an online baby registry that may affect your decision. It's an online registry called NotFindingOut that caters specifically to parents who are not finding out but want people to be able to buy them both gender-specific AND gender-neutral gifts. All their items are paired into girl and boy counterparts and most are offered in a gender-neutral option as well. You can register for the items you want, you just don't know whether you'll receive the girl or boy version. Once your baby is born, the gender-specific gifts are shipped to you right away so you are equipped with gender-specific items. It's fun to have some gender neutral and some gender-specific goods when you're not finding out so this registry lets you do both! For baby showers, anyone who buys you an NFO gift will bring a wrapped Preview Card that shows the item purchased for you in both the girl and boy version so that you can see what they bought you but not have the surprise ruined. No one finds out what the baby is until it's born. VERY FUN!
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