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December 14th, 2012, 02:57 AM
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Christmas Q&A part 1! Feel free to either guess or research the answers. PM your answers to me and it's a point per correct answer. DO NOT post your answers in this thread.

Question 1: Which Saint is said to be the "original" father christmas?
Saint Nicholas Saint Mark Saint John Saint David Saint Paul
Question 2: Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of .......?
Patrick George John Stephen Michael
Question 3: Which one of these is NOT a name of one of santa's reindeer?
Dancer Dasher Smasher Vixen Prancer
Question 4: What is lametta?
A scooter A sauce for the christmas turkey Shiny decorative strips to decorate a christmas tree A christmas drink made with eggs and brandy Sparkly christmas sprinkles to go on a trifle
Question 5: Who wrote the book (later turned into a christmas film) "the snowman"?
Raymond Briggs J k Rowling Lewis Carol Enid Blyton Roald Dahl
Question 6: Are mistletoe berries poisonous?
No Only when cooked Yes
Question 7: How many reindeer is santa said to have including rudolph?
7 8 5 6 9
Question 8: What are the three kings otherwise known as?
Orienti Malaki Fragi Magi Allagi
Question 9: Which bear(s) featured in the "all stand together" (frog song) video?
Bungle Winnie the Pooh Paddington Care Bears Rupert
Question 10: What is the name of Bart Simpson's dog?
Santa's little helper Bart's gofer presents Maggie's get my dummy Rudolph's tiny friend Homer's getcha beer

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