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December 14th, 2012, 08:46 AM
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Cautx, if it wasn't natural to still be nursing at that age, and if the moms weren't consenting to the extended breastfeeding, I would agree with you. But a mother cannot be avoiding putting an end to it because of her own needs when she is following mother natures course and happy with it. Clearly mothers who nurse that long know full well they could end it, but continue to for strong beliefs that maybe those who haven't extended nursed won't understand. Not feelings of not wanting to let go, but realizing the emotional benefits an older child receives from nursing and wanting to be supportive and sensitive to that. There is nothing selfish about following what's natural and full of benefits, especially when it's a personal choice to continue to do so. Just because mothers who extend breastfeed often wish it would end, they clearly don't mind it to the point of forcing weaning.
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