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December 14th, 2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by TeeCee View Post
Awe well good luck with that.
Let me know the outcome.

Six weeks, you found out early. I knew I was pregnant but scared to take a test till I was almost a week from my second trimester. But all my symptoms were there. Nasuea, sore breats, so tired, lack of appitite. It wasnt till my 12-13 weeks that I was actually vomiting.

As for weight gain, everyone is different.just try the healthy path. But not to healthy. You want fats in your diet. My doctor is actually on my case right now. I lost 5 pounds my first trimester and another 4 pounds between 13-16 weeks... I need to gain weight! Lol but my body wont allow me. Its actually hard..
I know..... I found out right away as, well I just knew, so I was going to take a test only if my period was late...which it was but only by two days.

Why were you so scared to take it? I had to know right away! haha

I have definitely got a lack of appetite! I didn't even know that was a symptom though?! lol I thought I was just off my food.

Jeez - that must be pretty scary losing weight when prego. I guess it is easy though with the appetite loss. I have actually been eating a lot. Kind of as comfort food though because I haven't known what I am doing so seeking solace in food! Nothing seems to hit the spot though... like, I havent gone, wow, this is delicious!!

Have you had any weird cravings?
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