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December 14th, 2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawyers_Mommy View Post
Soo sad to hear it was an elementary school. It would be horrible either way but I just don't understand how someone could kill innocent little children. This world is just getting worse and worse. I don't want to shelter my kids but stories like this make me want to home school them!

Now they'll say he 'had a bad childhood' or 'just need to be put in a mental hospital'. I hate the excuse people come up with anymore! They need to bring back hanging or stoning and make people like that suffer instead of us having to pay to keep them up and fed in prision!
I am in the same boat with considering home schooling because of things like this, or at the very least a private school with security or something. I'm having a hard time with being ok with sending Parker to a public school eventually when stuff like this happens, and who knows if it'll get better or worse in the next few years.

See it is also really hard for me to come to terms with what would happen if there were 2 shooters and one is caught and would go on to trial. I am studying for my doctorate in forensic psychology, I know the tests they'd give him, I know what they'd plead, I know how it would be likely to pan out, and it is just not enough. It makes me question my choice to pursue this field because if I had to do an evaluation on a person like this I have high doubts that I could remain unbiased. He deserves cruel and unusual punishment, and yet odds are he'd end up in a state mental health prison for the rest of his life, and that just isn't enough. I hope that there was only one gunman and he is dead, because at least he is off this earth one way or another. Sorry about the rant, I just deal with criminals every day, but people that hurt children I purposely steer clear of because I just cannot handle it.

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