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December 14th, 2012, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
The first thing that comes to mind is optimal fetal
positioning. It sounds like your labor distributes signs of fetal/pelvic
misalignment. When you have an epidural, they usually rotate you from side to
side which can help align the baby. Have you checked out Spinning Babies Home I'd also look into getting seen by a
webster certified chiropractor.
I know for sure my second baby was initially malpositoned. He was breech until I had the webster technique done at 33 weeks. I did spinning babies from then on to keep him at least head down, but he presented fist first, which the midwife was able to correct in the middle of labor. But I had several (6ish) hours after his position was corrected and no progress was made, despite increasing intensity.

Also, do you have any mental blocks? Are you a type A personality? Do you have
fears or anxieties that might be affecting your dilation? Can you "let go" and
just allow whatever birth you get, in spite of your plans?
I do have all these. I'm type A. Controlling, especially with my body. I have a history of physical abuse and self-injury. After my last birth, and a round of PPD I started seeing a therapist..but I'm not sure how that will affect a birth.

Essentially my plan for this next one is to just chill out about it...I haven't made any firm plans in my head...but I will probably always attempt a straight NCB since that' the healthiest option. Otherwise, my plans invove wine, a soaking tub and denial.

Have you tried a tub before trying an epidural? Water birth sounds like it might
be a great option for you.
No, I haven't. I did use a shower during my last labor, and that was helpful until I started feeling sick. Looking back I should have just went with it, but feeling sick with each contraction made me scared. I was still at a 3 at this point. lol.

And for the record, there is a mini transition that many moms experience (that I
have seen with my clients) that happens around 3-4 cm as you go from early labor
and your hormones kick you into active labor. Just like the transition that
happens at 7-8cm this can take a different amount of time for everyone.
I did not know this! I'll defnitely remember this for next time...I labored at this point for over six hours though, sooooo...haha.


I'd also like to encourage you that having an epidural wear off is not the
same as going natural. Whenever you receive pain medications in labor, it
interferes with your natural endorphins and natural pain blockers that you might
receive going natural the whole time. The only thing I can relate this to is
getting tattoos (I have many). When I get tattoos, it kind of stings a little at
first, but after a while, it just gets numb and I don't feel it as much. But we
take a break and come back to it, it hurts like the dickens (even more than when
we started before). Here is a great article about how your hormones help you in

Ecstatic Birth - Mothering Community
This is so fantasticto hear! I had such a hard time bonding the second time because of that pain. Plus I never got a rush of feel-good hormones like I did with my first...all it was, was pain. I know the epidural prb inhibited the feel-good hormones...but I didn'tknow it could inhibit my body's own pain fighting.

And then I'll be "that guy" to say, sometimes epidurals aren't a bad thing. They
are there to help. If an epidural will save you from a surgical birth, then that
is wonderful! If it saves you from a 5 day long transitiony labor, then I don't
see that as a bad thing either. What's bad, is the over-use, the routine use,
the blanketed use of this tool. I always say that it's great to prepare for all
outcomes: natural birth, epidural birth, or c-section, know how to use ALL birth
tools to YOUR and YOUR BABY's benefit. And feel confident in those choices. It
doesn't mean that you are broken.
I really, heartily agree with you. And with each labor-- it's not like I've regretted the epidural, but the fact that I couldn't get over this...wall? in birth. Absolutely I feel, both times, that I'd hit a point were my only option for a vaginal delivery was to get the epidural, and that benefit clearly outweighs the risks of the epidural and the loss of any "experiance" I may have wanted.

Every birth is different as well. Every labor and birth reflects the needs of
each individual baby, mother, and unique circumstances. It's not just you, it's
like a dance between you and your baby. It's a submission to a process that
begins when the stars align perfectly at the perfect time. Sometimes if we try
to control it too much, we are interfering with that process. I often teach my
clients to meditate on the word surrender. It can change your experience in
pregnancy and birth drastically. This is a new baby and a unique experience.
This labor will be as different as this baby is from your others. Do your best
to accept is as something totally new.
I'm clinging to dear life for this truth- that each baby/birth is difrent. Mostly becuse I' m still strugglng with PPD/PND. I do have a really hard time surendering to birth. I want to control it and stay ahead. When I felt "ahead" of the pain in my 2nd birth, I was progressing...SLOWLY, lol. The second I got "behind" the pain, my body stopped cooperating. Because I was afraid, vulnerable, and out of control. I wish I knew how to fix those feelings.

Thank you for such a thoughtful and helpful response!
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