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December 14th, 2012, 06:16 PM
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By the week I took my test my period had been almost 2 months late. I know, sooooo beyond crazy. I just felt scared. Knowing my life was chqnging every second I just knew things wouldnt be the same..but when my test cqme back positive I just couldnt stop smiling. And since then I havent stopped.

Oh yes.. Lack of appitite hit me within the 6th week. I couldnt even stand to smell yet. I had to lay down to relieve my.tummy.
Yes it is, for once I wanted my weight to go up on the scale lol but my doctor says baby is fine. He or she is just taking all the important things from my food and leaving me to fend for myself. Im okay with that as long as baby is okay.

How are things with you now?
As far as cravings, I am always craving grapes and watermelon. Nothing strange just not something I would eat daily or weekly.
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