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December 14th, 2012, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by daneeleigh View Post
I got stuck at 5/6 cm for hours and had to do spinning babies to get unstuck because of his fetal positioning.

Have you had a doula present during your labors? I think if you really want to try for a natural birth to have that experience then having one would only help you in being successful. My doula deserves a medal for my labor and my husband says we are NOT having a birth without her lol.

I am majorly Type A too and I feel that was a drawback to me progressing quickly. I did have problems with just letting go and going with the contractions. I hope to be better about that next time. Well see.

The mental block for you though may be the fact that you're okay with the epi. I was so set against it that I did everything to avoid it being around me to avoid the possibility. I think if you're okay with it then at least you won't feel guilty if you get it again.
With each baby I've tried to get a doula, but somehow I have the WORST luck with them. No one will call me back and the one who did missed one meeting, was late for a second and was a doula/dog walker who had never had a baby and had a horrible vibe. My BFF tells me I need a doula, but she is one so I think she's kind of biased. I've always had a woman labor support that's been very first was my mom. My second was a nurse who never left ,y side. She was Bradley and hypnobirthing certified and literally worked through each contraction with me for hours. I love her! Haha but it wasn't some magic key to birth.

I don't feel guilty, never have. I know I've gotten an epi because it was a medical necessity....either get an epi or cut the baby out. But it doesn't erase the question of...what is wrong here? Why can so many other women do this and I can't?
The pain is bad, but I can soldier through it...but when nothing is happening except more pain, clearly something seems messed up (to me).
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