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December 14th, 2012, 07:26 PM
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I'm not honestly sure this should be a gun control debate though. From what I have read the shooter didn't buy the guns, he got them from his mother/family members. Also if someone is going to go crazy and shoot up a school or something they will look for guns anywhere, and are not necessarily going to go to wal-mart to get them. Also in order to make cases like this stop you would have to literally take everyone's guns away. My family in Texas hunts for 80% of our meat, our guns are used to provide food for us. But I can also tell you if someone came on our property with the intentions of hurting us those guns would be used to provide protection (which is completely legal in the state of Texas).

I guess I just don't see how stricter gun control laws could help that much, most states already require strict background checks when people purchase a gun-but like I said before most people would not go to a big name store to buy a gun if they were planning something like this. They would take them from a family member or get them from some guy on the street.

That's just my .02 though, everyone is entitled to their own opinions

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