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December 14th, 2012, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
Just wanted to respond to your comment about "staying ahead." A couple of the things that I do to help clients with this "need" is helping them to get focused. Sometimes that's through visualization, sometimes it's by getting them to find a visual focal point in the room. My favorite method is to help clients visualize floating on a wave deep in the ocean. When you float, you must relax your body. I use hynobabies techniques to help talk the mom through relaxation of every muscle from head to toe. I help her visualize the wave, with a beginning, middle, and end. I remind her that she is floating and the wave is working and she is not. This allows her to surrender, relax, and open up. Doing this in many places including the toilet, the shower, the tub, is a wonderful tool to help in situations like yours.

I'm so glad that you've come to talk this out with us. We're here for any questions, brainstorming, or if you just need to vent. BIG HUGS!
I actually had a lot of success with something like was a little thing about contractions as waves coming into a sea cave, filling and then going back out. The visualization was perfect for what a contraction is and in labor I felt so so good, despite the pain, when I was using this. I was focused and calm and in control. And then we had this crisis thing with tons of amniotic fluid and thinking his fist was a prolapsed cord and intense pain while the midwife and the nurse had me tilted back and manipulating me and the baby to get whatever it was out of the way. Thank goodness it was his hand. But after that moment I was completely wrecked. I was crying for a long time after even though I felt fine once the panic had passed. And the pain just got way ahead of me in that moment. That was the moment I stopped progressing.

I'd like to use that visualization again, but I'm afraid of coming up on another one of those moments in birth...where I can't recollect myself after an intense moment I wasn't expecting.

But maybe that moment had more significance in Laborite than I initially thought.

P.s I really REALLY appreciate being able just to hash is out a little. It's hard to talk about a lot of times because people hear it as a problem with the epidural itself, and that's just not And to have the collective experience of other women is so helpful....

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