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December 14th, 2012, 09:24 PM
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I know several women who have had similar experiences. Think about every other mammal on the planet. When a mama cat or deer, or whatever goes into labor and they feel even the slightest bit unsure of their surroundings, labor stops. It can't continue forward until the mother is absolutely sure she is safe.

I think some women experience birth the same way. I have known women for whom the fear, pain, anxiety, or even excitement surrounding birth has prevented them from progressing (and most of them did get an epidural and were then able to dilate). Perhaps doing some visualization (before birth) picturing what it is you fear or worry about with labor, and changing it into a safe, positive experience.

I also know women who labor for very long periods of time (up to 10+ hours) with little to no progression and then suddenly progress. It really sounds like you have tried a LOT of different things. I almost wonder if there's some underlying anxiety or belief that nothing is going to work and so it doesn't. The mind is a really powerful thing!
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