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December 15th, 2012, 05:11 AM
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I think you'll survive.
The things you could do upfront is check if you're paying to much on insurances you don't need, or if there are cheaper options. Think of health care, car insurance, sport club memberships, provider of energy supply at home, cell phone provider, telephone provider, internet provider etc.

You will not believe how much you can save by going through all of those things!

I just changed my health care insurance (was $140, will be $100) and I'm going to save up to $40 a month! The things that are insured are the same, the provider is a different one.
I changed my car insurance, saving up to $20 a month ($59 to $39,50)
Sport club, just signed out, saving up to $15 a month ($15 to $0) didn't use it anyway
Cell phone bill ($55 to $48) saving $7 a month, due to another provider
Phone/Internet/Tv bill ($67 to $42) saving $25 a month.

So every month I will be saving $107, by making some minor changes.
That's a nice amount to spend on our baby, ourselves or don't spend it and save it for later.
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