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December 15th, 2012, 10:15 AM
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First a belated happy birthday!! Second, going back a bit, yep, it's very simple when it comes to baby. Note advice and then just see what works.

Ok, I hate to do this, but it's important because I saw it mentioned. I have to talk about infant loss. Crystal said she was using a waterproof pad on the bassinet or something. I BEG you all to get an extra of the exact pad and cut it open before using it. I have an IRL friend who lost one of her twins because of a waterproof mattress pad. She bought a very common/popular brand from a large retailer but it turned out that the way it was waterproofed (though the packaging stated otherwise) was by them putting a thin layer of plastic inside of it. It was almost like Saran wrap on the inside so it made no "plasticky" noise or anything. I know it's nothing anyone wants to hear/think/read about, but it's necessary.

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