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December 15th, 2012, 02:13 PM
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Hi!! I'm due on the 31st, and it is definitely difficult to stay calm and rested... My DH broke his wrist at work a few weeks ago so that definitely adds to the difficulty! But I manage with taking a bath at least once a day and napping when my two year old naps. We did early Xmas shopping but still have to get the rest tomorrow... My parents are home from Arizona on Thursday and will be here to help then. So I just keep telling baby to at least hold off until then!! My two sisters have both had natural, at home births so they will be here as soon as things start to happen and we will stay at home as long as possible before having to make it to the hospital. I applied for the help if a midwife but did not get one as they are so limited!

Fortunately my son is young and easily amused and appreciates anything out of the ordinary when if comes to treats and presents... My other kid (DH) on the other hand....... Lol..
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