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December 15th, 2012, 04:20 PM
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Man my AF was bad this cycle. Possibly the worse one ever. And while I was taking Clomid, the side effects were kicking my butt! Thankfully they aren't nearly as bad now that I've finished my pills. Still have periodic nausea especially when I lay down. The hot flashes havn't been happening as often, and they aren't as intense. I do think I may be dealing with a bit of SAD though which has nothing to do with TTC. I just can't seem to wake up anymore. I've also been feeling a little, well, sad haha. This is probably the only time I'm glad I live in Florida. We have about two hours more daylight a day than up north and I'm sure that helps it from affecting me as bad. My mom has it too.

Anyway back to TTC... we haven't been BD'ing that much but hope to start EOD tonight. DH has been really busy with finals but school is officially out for the semester! My OPK today is over half as dark as the control which hopefully means things are starting to happen. Since I'm taking more Clomid and I started it a day earlier (4-8 instead of 5-9) I am hoping to see a +OPK around Thursday. I'll be happy as long as I get one by next Saturday though.

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