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December 16th, 2012, 07:11 AM
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With my daughter, when we got the 20 week scan, she just wouldn't cooperate and show us the goods. The tech tried for almost an hour before giving up. My insurance wouldn't cover any more ultrasounds unless it was medically necessary, and so we resigned ourselves to not knowing. I didn't enjoy it. I wanted to know so badly! Right at the end of the pregnancy - 36 weeks - we found a coupon for a 3D ultrasound (they were just getting popular back then) and decided to try it. We weren't even thinking that we'd find out the gender because I was so far along that the technician said we'd be lucky to even get a good picture of the baby's face. Instead, as soon as the first image came up, we all knew exactly what we were looking at...girl parts! I was so excited I cried, and my husband was speechless with joy, and we just hugged each other. After the ultrasound, we spent the next hour calling everyone to tell them the news and then I spent the next few weeks buying as much girlie stuff as I could.

For me, finding out at any point is special and exciting - it just allows me to prep better when I know ahead of time. So we will definitely not be remaining team green!

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