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December 16th, 2012, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by spicymustard View Post
Wow. I charge 20$ for my kids to use the bathroom. However I've taught 5-8th grades so maybe it's different for this age range? The kids at these levels do use the restroom to screw around in and get out of class. I do however make exceptions if its a kid who rarely asks to go or if they are on meds or have some medical condition where I know they have to go frequently. Also if they are out of money and say they have to go they "go into debt" and I'll still let them. I'd always abide by parent request if they let me know they think their kid needs more frequent breaks. Other teachers will take a classroom ticket or something along those lines.

ETA: I've been upfront about this policy with parents and I haven't had a single one complain about it in 10 years. I've even had one parent who wanted me to charge more for their kid.
Well it's good you don't have my kiddo. Because I WOULD be complaining. Unless you can prove they're screwing around, charging them is wrong. In fact, charging them is wrong period. Just tell them no.
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