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December 16th, 2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Brie289 View Post
You are def not alone! I'm showing big time and wearing maternity jeans, with DS I was much further along. How I'm showing already I have no idea since I haven't gained one pound, actually lost 3 since I've been sick quite a bit with this one but its def baby the way it sits. DS I gained 5 in the 1st trimester. I knew you showed earlier with subsequent pregnancies but jeez! And I've already started the sciatica pain gonna be a long winter lol.

Ok, you sound JUST LIKE me! I'm not into maternity clothing just yet b/c I am a sweatpants and leggings kind of woman. However, I look so big and have a good deal of discomfort with the weight of this belly. I have had a lack of appetite my whole first trimester and even still. I haven't gained any weight, which is so puzzling but true. Oh and the sciatica issue?! Sitting indian style is a no-go and I do that to start practicing prenatal yoga. smh

Some early on challenges But we're gonna push through them!!!

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