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December 16th, 2012, 10:07 PM
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I personally opted for the hospital gowns during labor, delivery and the first day or so after birth. Sorry to be gross but for the first 24-48 hours after delivery I had to sit on those giant blue pads and wear those disgusting mesh underwear, all while dealing with PP bleeding and other grossness coming out of me, as well as bloody abdominal bandages (c-section deliveries) yeah, no way I was wearing anything that I actually owned while I was going through all of that. Once I had all of my tubing removed and was able to shower & walk around freely I changed into a cheapie nursing night gown that I bought specifically for the hospital. I didn't ruin it but if I had stained or ruined it I wouldn't have cared. Yes, the hospital gowns are ugly and ill-fitting but in my case I couldn't have cared less. With all of the fluids that were pumped into me coupled with the pain meds & sheer exhaustion I didn't look so hot anyway, LOL. Plus, since I had surgical deliveries I had IVs and epidurals in place for a few days post-birth and I wouldn't have been able to change in and out of normal clothes anyway. But as everyone else has said, it's a personal choice. My advice is just to steer clear of anything that you'd be upset to ruin or lose, since both scenarios are very possible.
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