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December 17th, 2012, 01:26 AM
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So the night before this night, I woke up a little after 3 like usually because I heard Emmy stirring. When I opened my eyes (I sleep on my left side, generally, so I face her sleeper), I about had a heart attack!! She was rolled onto her right side and was laying with her face and basically most of her belly against the little wall of the sleeper that's up against my mattress. It looked like most of her face was up against it! I'm not 100% sure now because I didn't take the time to inspect it closely. I panicked and grabbed her up, but she was fine. Obviously she could still breathe somehow... I was thinking that hopefully it was an isolated event but just now I woke up for our 3am feeding and she was almost turned 90 degrees from how I had layed her!! So basically she wasn't parallel to me anymore, but the back of her head was against that wall again and her feet were almost facing the wall to the left!! So almost at a T with me... If that makes sense.
How in the world is she scooting or wiggling enough to move so much?! She is swaddled in a SwaddleMe blanket... But more importantly, how do I stop it?? Should I roll Aiden and Anais blankets up and lay the to the left and right of her?? Im afraid of having anything lose in there! At least her face wasn't against the side of the sleeper tonight! But still... I lay her all the way centered in the middle btw.
Or should I be leaving her arms free so in case she does end up against the bumper again, maybe she could at least have her arms to maybe push herself off? If she's even capable of that yet?
I'm honestly freaking out about this now. I was really thinkin it was an isolated event but obviously she has all of a sudden started to be a wiggly sleeper. any advice appreciated!!!!

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