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December 17th, 2012, 07:49 AM
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Ugh now I am torn!! lol. Kristen, I love that you think I can still make it work! What is a breathable sleep positioner?? And it goes into the co-sleeper? If you could post me a link of what you mean, that would be awesome!!!
And yes, I am 100% sure I am not placing her off to the side or something. I am worried to the point of being neurotic about her suffocating. lol. I don't have any issues waking up at night; it really doesn't even bother me a whole lot. When I wake up, I am 100% awake. I usually check in here, emails and FB when I nurse her, so I promise you, I am about as alert as can be after we get done and I place her back into the co-sleeper. I always center her and even straighten her head as good as I can! Neurotic, yes!
I need to see if I can try to get a video; I watched her yesterday night after I put her in the sleeper since she wasn't asleep yet but a little fussy. She wriggled around again and made it to where her upper body was close to my side of the sleeper again! She bows her legs and kind of swings them up and down and that makes her move I guess. Hard to explain...

Thanks ladies for all the suggestions and input!! I appreciate it a lot. I'm going to seriously think about this today and see what I can come up with; hopefully the thing Kristen is talking about will work and is something I can get at Target. I'd love to be able to keep her there! I do feel like she is too small to sleep all by herself; I'm sure it's still beneficial to her at this point to be in the same room with us.

And Melissa, your new pic is adorable btw!! I keep meaning to tell you that. You make some gorgeous babies and yes, she's already growing up too fast! lol.

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