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December 17th, 2012, 08:12 AM
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Awww you look fabulous!

Stretch marks are a mom's badge of honor. I made it through 3 pregnancies without one and thought I won the lottery, then with my DS I got them horribly (though all the bad ones are down low where panties of bathing suit bottoms cover) the smaller thinner ones (higher up the sides and front of my belly) lightened up, and I don't even think about them to be honest, when my DS sees them he always says "I did that" and I tell him, yes that that was him taking the love mommy had to give them before he arrived. Plus (maybe it is my advanced maternal age speaking here) I found that my husband loves me just the way I am and sees them as what I was willing to give to bring his children into the world, and if for some reason I had to enter the dating playing field again (which is not going to happen as far as I know but still if it did) any man that could not see past my stretch marks or found them unattractive in any way would not be the man for me, as they are a huge part of who I am, they are the forever reminders of the beautiful moments I had carrying my children!
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