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December 17th, 2012, 06:08 PM
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34w0d - Just another Monday.
Busy day of doing this' and that's. We had a busy weekend, but didn't get a lot done...if that makes sense! We had childbirth prep class all day both Sat and Sun, so that was pretty much all we did. The class was EXCELLENT, and so was our instructor. I feel far more prepared now that I understand more of the hospital protocol and procedures. We also learned about breathing techniques, and laboring positions. DH is going to be a wonderful coach, that is for sure!

Our contractor was also here both days all weekend working on the various projects. He was here for a bit this morning, and will be coming back this afternoon still to finish up yet a few more things. Poor guy has a bajillion projects that he's trying to finish up before the holidays (per contracts), and he's just running ragged. I feel bad for him, but then again, he put himself in that spot by promising these deliveries! I have to tell you a little tidbit about how awesome he is though.

I've mentioned before he is the DH of a good friend of ours - DH's admin at work. They are in their late 50s probably. He is a "tile" guy, mainly, but does other things when he can to pick up extra work here and there. He's just a "nice guy" type of guy, if that makes sense. Works hard for a living, and loves his wife. So, this morning, he was here dropping off some supplies for later tonight, and we were chatting in the driveway about this and that. I was still in my PJs sipping coffee, and he had already been up, been to one job, ran to the supply store for supplies, stopped at another job, then came to our house. Ya, and I was still in my PJs. So I was telling him how much stuff I have to do, and how I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. (It was also raining this morning). I was telling him how I had to go to another town about 25 min away to pick up something for Scooter to wear when I brought him home from the hospital. (This town is also where that huge job of his is).

So, this guy, all dressed in his jeans and workman's belt and all dirty from work, says "Well, if it's something I can easily identify, do you want me to pick up the outfit for you?"

I about cried. There is NO way I would ever ask him to do that, but it was adorable that he offered. What a great, great guy.

So anyhow, I did end up going over that way, every stop I wanted to make there was a bust. They didn't have the sweater I wanted, the other store didn't have the sheets I wanted, and the last 2 stores didn't have things I needed either. Total waste of time. But, at least I was able to stop on my way home and pick up some yummy lunch.

I have been trying to find shelves for the nursery. We aren't finding just what we wanted - everything is either too big or too small. Meh. I'm still obsessing over some coming home outfits for Scooter too. And I really wanted to order the last few bedding things from PBK today since it's supposed to be free shipping day, but for some reason, shipping charges keep showing up in my cart. Grrr.

I still haven't gotten our Christmas cards done, so they are likely to turn into New Years Cards or something like that. The cards are done, but I need DH to tell me who he wants to send to from his side (we have a HUGE list normally, and this year, we're trimming it down because we will be sending out birth announcements before too long anyway).

Scooter has been pretty quiet today. Nothing alarming I don't think, just a quieter day for him. I feel really sore on my sides, and that usually means that he is growing but I am not (yet). So he might just be a little cramped in there. I don't really feel anything changing or "happening" yet, just that it's getting harder to get around these days. It's getting harder and harder to get in my Wrangler too, which is annoying and comical at the same time.

This Thursday, I have a flurry of doctor appointments - starting at 8am. First I have an ultrasound and AFI check. Then, my first NST, and finally, my OB check. I will likely be there from about 8 until about 11. DH is coming for the U/S at 8, then he has to leave for a meeting at work. My next OB check will then be on the 26th, but I am pretty sure I'll have to go in for another NST in between the 2, since I am currently scheduled to be going 2x a week. They are trying to work the schedule such that I can do one of them on the same day as my weekly OB check, so that I'm not going there 3x a week! So, after Thursday, weekly OB checks, and 2x a week NSTs. That's the plan anyway.

I always think that Scooter will be here early, and while I do think he won't wait until 40 weeks, I'm not sure he'll be the 2 weeks early I originally thought. Not sure why, though. DH thinks he's going to hang around until 41 weeks, since we learned at our class that many first time mom's don't deliver until 41 weeks.

Ok, I have to go do something else...turn on the Christmas lights, place an Amazon order, stuff like that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

Thanks *Kiliki* for my amazingly perfect siggy!


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