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December 18th, 2012, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by spicymustard View Post
Well I'm not required to give them classroom money either. Nor am I required to buy them things to buy with their classroom money from my paycheck. If I didn't do that then they'd get no rewards.

I do agree that it isn't right to give a kid zero option for using the bathroom. I just think if the teacher has a system in place that they are usually paying for out of their own pocket anyways then I don't get what the problem is.
I understand where you're coming from on the "I pay for it out of my pocket" thing. As many teachers pay for all kinds of things out of pocket without ever being reimbursed for it. It's a very commendable act, one that I do think gets taken for granted way too often.

However that should have no bearing on whether or not a child should be able to use the bathroom when needed. What you do, or do not pay, has no relevance to how a child's body is going to function on any given day. So that is why I see a problem with it, personally. It's not the fact that the teacher has a system they are putting into and paying for, all on their own, and it's not necessarily the system itself either. I happen to like reward systems. It's because the system takes away something that many, including myself, believe shouldn't be an "earned privilege" to begin with. Now if a certain child needs correcting because they're goofing off, or needs special circumstances for any other reason, that's one thing. But making it part of the system for the entire classroom, I take issue with. Adults can't even always control their own bodies-including being able to hold it when we need to or go when we have a given moment, I have no clue why we expect children to be able to.

I am guessing this school sees it the same way, or they wouldn't be cross with the teacher who did it to begin with, lol. It's clearly not a policy they stand behind or promote. I put a lot of merit behind that, personally. I think, on this subject, the teacher went out of bounds. I'm not even taking into account the humiliation a kid who ends up having an accident can go through. That brings a whole separate ball to the playing field. Not having a complaint about a system doesn't necessarily mean people agree with it, or that it's the best policy. Not many will complain before an incident actually occurs. Except places where it's being discussed, like here.
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