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December 18th, 2012, 10:10 AM
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Hey ladies! I have really been excited to write this!

My EDD came and went, then my doctor's came and went. The morning of the 13th around 5am I had some bloody show, only I wasn't sure that's what it was, but it was very little so I just let DH know that somethng was going on and maybe he should consider not going to work that day. My 2 yr old woke up and wanted to nurse, this brought on several mild contractions. I was sooo excited!! I had been looking forward to this for 2 yrs... my second chance at a natural birth. I called in and DH took the kids to school. I stayed home and made some pumpkin muffins I had mild cramping, but everything kind of petered out and around 11 I decided to go for a walk. There had been decreased movement from LO since the day before and I was a little concerned. Walks always seemed to get him moving and I knew it would help if I was in labor. Halfway through the walk and no movement from LO, so I called my Dr. office and asked to be seen. Thy booked me for 1:30pm, so when I got back to the house we hussled up and headed in. Still no contractions, but of course LO started bouncing around on the way in. lol. I still wanted to get a NST just to be on the safe side since the lack of movement was enough to concern me several times. While there I had her check me, I was 4 cm and 60% effaced. I asked her to go ahead and strip my membranes.

We left the doctor's office around 2:30 and headed to a local cupcake shop- I had GD and had been so good the entire time, and I decided that I was going to have a small treat. So half a cupcake later we headed to target to pick up a few last minute items. My 2 yr old was such a good little boy I started having mild contactions in Target - they were coming pretty regular, but nothing to worry about just yet. I knew for sure that this was it though, it just felt different. I decided that we had shopped enough and was ready to be home. We headed home (45 min away) and stopped and picked up my bonus son on the way. The contractions were getting uncomfortable in the car, I knew that if I was moving around they would be ok, but stuck in the car they were pretty irritating. We made it home around 5, and I hopped in the bath to slow things down a bit - we still had to get my bonus daughter off the activity bus at 6:20!!
The bath was wonderful, it really helped with the contractions. I had not been timing them just yet, just kind of monitoring that they weren't getting closer. I called my mom and my sister in law to head over. My mom was watching the kids and my sister in law was my labor support.
My sil started timing the contractions and they were 2-3 min apart, but only lasting about 20-30 seconds. I was still able to talk and laugh through them though, although they were def. getting more intense. It was around 7:15 that I decided we needed to head in.... I did NOT want to go through transition in the car! I felt like we were going too early, but I had a feeling it was the right thing to do. We got to the hospital arond 7:45 and were directed to triage. The people at the desk looked at me like I was crazy lol. I did NOT seem like a woman in labor.

I got changed into my birth clothes and the triage nurse hooked me up to see what was happening. I was still 4cm, and baby was fine, so at 9pm she told me to start walking the halls and come back at 10 or if my water broke or things got too intense. Out we went...I was only allowed 1 visitor in triage, but both my sil and DH walked the halls with me. We made lap after lap... things started getting intense quick... I was soon not able to talk through contractions and was asking for counter-pressure on my back. Each contraction I would stop, hang on to the hand rail in the hall and squat or breat through the contraction. my support was awesome!!! In between contractions was still bearable, so I still chatted to keep my mind relaxed. It wasn't long and I felt like things were picking up really fast, so I went back to triage to be checked again (I wanted my own room!!). The nurse said my Dr was on his way and he wanted to check me next time. OK, no prob... keep walking. About 3 more laps and maybe 10 minutes and I knew that I couldn't keep walking - I headed back to triage and got up on the bed on my hands and knees. I should add here - I was really getting discouraged, things were very intense and I was feeling a little queesy. My mind threw out the word transition and immediately I thought -no, way too soon. But I can say that I was considering that epidural!! I never said it though.
Once up on the bed I was vocalizing through each contraction, enough so that the triage nurse made the call to have me admitted and came to check me. I could NOT move from that position - I told her she would have to check me like that or I just wasn't going to get checked! She agreed but let me know that it wasn't as accurate. And??? 4cm!!!! I was really discouraged.. I remember looking up at my DH and just thinking there was no way I could do this for hours. He was right there with me though, holding my hand and encouraging me the entire time. My SIL ran out to get him when things got really hard, so it was just him with me at that time. At this point it was probably around 10pm. I still hadn't been admitted and was in triage!!
I am not sure how long after that last check that I started having the urge to push, maybe 10 mn? The nurse heard me and ran in to check me.. again, no moving!! So she waited for a contraction to end to check me - during that time she walked away. Lol I will never forget yelling out to her "if your going to check me, you had better check me now!!!" She ran back in and yelled to another nurse, I was 9cm with a bulging bag!!

My first thought was that I could not push at 9, that I had to be at 10, so when they started yelling "don't push" I agreed, only, my body wasn't on board lol. That is a feeling that will never be forgotten. About 5 nurses ran in, I flipped over on my back - which surprisingly felt right. It was then that things slowed a bit, the contractions spaced out. They threw up the sides of the bed and rushed me into the hall - and then I was trying not to push again. I don't even know if they covered me, I didn't care! They rushed me into a recovery room. This was all such a blur. What was clear at that time was that I was about to push what I though was a big baby out. It scared the crap out of me!! My son's head was 19 inches... thats big lol. So while my body was pushing, I am trying not to push, and then they tell me to push. I remember yelling out that this freakin hurt! One nurse told me to control my pushes, to tuck my head into my chest and bear down. I felt out of control and told her I couldn't. That wonderful nurse "smacked" me back into it and told me "you can, and you willl, this baby is coming!!" I pulled myself together and on the next contraction beared down. I could feel someone supporting my perrinium at this point too. Apparently, they had grabbed a doctor that was on the floor and she was supporting me as well as delivering. I was expecting the head to come out, then have to push the body out- but this little guy just came sliding right out!! The ring of fire was surreal, and that probably scared me more than anything. I couldn't beleive that I had just done it... I had done it with no drugs!!! He was SOO little compared to my first, it was hard to wrap my head and arms around that tiny little guy At 7.45lbs and 19.75 inches long, with a wonderfully small 13 inch head. The nurse there went to cut the cord after they laid him on my chest. I told her not to, and it was so insane in there I just don't think she heard me. Bless my SIL heart, lol, she yelled at her to not cut the cord. The doctor that had delivered him checked me out and I had no tears!! I had 2 very minor abbrasions that she said would heal quick. He latched right on as well, perfect latch and has been a great little nursling! Wow... I don't think that I could have imagined a crazier birth. My doctor didn't make it (it was the Dr. on call that I wasn't fond of anyway), I nearly had him in the hall and he popped out with like maybe 7 pushes. No tears and I felt like a million bucks right after I had him.

I am so thankful for all the support throughout my pregnancy that helped me do this. I am so blessed to have had the most wonderful empowering birth experience. I also do not have any regrets about my first birth anymore, not with how this one happened. I think I handled things both times the best for each situation. Now I am home with my sweet little boys enjoying them a little longer before I must return to the old daily grind.
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