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December 18th, 2012, 01:13 PM
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After my crazy day of worries yesterday my appointment today went better then I expected.

First off my weight gain is going as planned. Ive gained 3 pounds since december 3rd. 3 pounds is alot for me to gain so that was a huge plus for me.

Second, baby was so active again!! Heart beat was around 130's and we kept getting kicks and moving away from the doctor.. Hahaha

Next baby had hit a growth spur since my last appointmrnt. And now my uterus and baby have caught up with my weeks. Uterus measured level with my belly button and im excitd for everything...

I asked about the belly button topic haha
My doctor says, if you have a deep innie your belly button wont stick out so much unless your uterus pushes it out. But if it hasnt changed by now it most likely wont make a big difference.
As for the feel, look and smell part... Its all individual experiences. But it would be a good idea to keep moisture on it. Just so it doesnt get irritated.

So to each is their own belly button... Good luck all lol
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