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December 18th, 2012, 06:32 PM
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34w1d - Is it still Monday?
Jeez, I have lost this day already. I was looking back at my journal trying to remember when I posted my update already, since I didn't remember doing it, and it finally dawned on me that it's not Monday any longer. Wow. PG brain at it's finest.

Today has been excessivly prodicutve. I didn't do some things I wanted but I managed to pretty much finish up my Christmas shopping - all online. There is one thing we still need to pick up at a store, which we are doing tonight after I meet DH for dinner at CPK, we think. But, everything else is ordered, and on the way...mostly from Amazon. Thank goodness for Prime.

Things I still have to do include:
* my Christmas cards (ya, probably not going out anytime soon)
* finish decorating the house
* put all of Scooter's stuff he doesn't need for a bit in the garage instead of our living room
* put the house back together where it's taken apart for contractor work
* clean my fish and crab tanks
* put all of the baby stuff away in the kitchen
* reorganize kitchen cabinets (at least one, so I have room for said baby stuff)
* make some scones (b/c my mom loves them, and she'll be here in a few days)
* pack hospital bag and diaper bag (after Christmas)
* wash all the sheets and towels for the guest bathroom
* set up Pack n Play for Munch (and pray to the heavens that the sheets I got fit)
* put up a few childproofing items for Munch's sake (once they arrive, ordered today from Amazon)
* put our ornaments on the tree (currently has lights and garland only)

I think that's a good enough list for the week,eh?

I was planning to volunteer today, but it was nasty and rainy out, and my body it so achy these days, I decided against it. I usually volunteer on Wed, but for several reasons, I meant to switch to today. Tomorrow probably won't happen either, since I have a bunch of stuff still left to do (see aforementioned list!!). Thursday, I will be spending all morning in the doctor office for various things, then Friday, last minute prep for house guests arriving on Saturday!

DH has a SUPER busy week at work - he's doing a strat plan presentation right now, matter of fact, phase 3 of it. Phase 4 (final phase) is Thursday. Once that is over, he'll be in a much better place. Plus, this is his last week of work before the holiday...he is planning to take off the first part of next week, then work a day or two near the end. Normally, I'd ask him to just take the whole week, but knowing that he will be taking tons of time off after the new year, I'm ok with him working. My fam will be gone by then, so no harm, no foul.

One fun project I'm doing is working hard to train a good Pandora station. Why? For L&D of course! We are huge Pandora fans, and while I have lots of playlists I've created over the years, they aren't as well trained as I'd like. So, this one, I've been carefully training over the past few days. It's really good. I like very specific music in very specific situations, and our plan for L&D is to have several sources of audio available to me.

One will be a standard iTunes playlist (probably a few). These will be loaded on my phone and iPad, and we'll proabyl have both small speakers and earphones, depending on my needs. Then we will have a Pandora station that we can toss through AirPlay to some speakers, as back up. Either way, this is fun.

Ok, I've rambled enough. I have to go toss out the remains of the Harry & David pear (i.e. the stem) that is sitting next to me. (My parents got us a 3-month fruit of month club for our anniversary...and I seriously couldn't eat a pear faster than I did the one earlier today). Then I need to toss on some clothes and go meet DH for dinner.

Oh, the Boerger (that's just his last name, but that's what everyone calls him, including his wife) didn't make it back last night, nor today. We know he's at our friends house, another co-worker of DH's today. He's trying to finish both of our stuff this week - this other guy has his entire family coming in on Friday, ours on Sat. He played the "pregnant" wife card and was at our house all weekend, so has been at this other guys house Mon and Tue. It's ok, stuff is getting done.

I should probably give a little Scooter update. Yesterday, I mentioned that Scooter had been quieter. Well, THAT was short-lived. Today, he was right back to his old antics. Major Scooter party around 6am, that really didn't stop until about 11. Then he took a nap, and Scooter party Round 2 started right after I ate lunch about noon. Then another nap about 4, and he's been sleeping since. Not soundly, though, I can still feel him rolling around from time to time. Poor kid is probably just running out of room. I feel my sides and belly trying to stretch, but they just aren't.

Hope everyone had a great day, and has a great night!

Thanks *Kiliki* for my amazingly perfect siggy!


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