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December 18th, 2012, 10:03 PM
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So, I had my 32 week appointment on Thursday 13th. At my 30 week appointment I took in a copy of my birth plan and went over it with my dr. I cover everything in my birth plan, even things that concern the pediatrician not the OB. I figure the birth covers the baby, so should the plan! Anyways, so at my 30 week appointment I went over the plan and highlighted the main points, no episiotomy, no induction, no epidural, no c-section, NOTHING. Just leave me alone and let me push out the baby. The doctor just needs to catch.

I go in for my 32 week appointment and the nurse takes my bp which is always good, no worries there. She leaves and the dr comes in a bit later and listens to my little girly's heartbeat. All good. Then he turns around and looks at his computer and asks when I wanted to SCHEDULE MY C-SECTION. I didn't say anything at first. I kept expecting him to turn around and smile/laugh thinking he was joking. No smile or laugh was forth coming. He was completely serious. When I asked him what he was talking about he pointed to the screen and tried to confirm that we were supposed to schedule my c-section that day. Apparently, he was either in the wrong patients file since they have computers in each room not actual hard copy files, or he marked the wrong spot in my file at my previous appointment. Which that didn't make sense either since he was only in the room not quite 5 minutes at my previous appointment before trying to leave. I had to have him come back in and sit down to go over my birth plan with him. So, when would he have marked anything like that in my file? Other than that, he keeps asking at every single appointment if I would mind going early! I always tell him I wouldn't mind having a smaller baby as long as it is her idea to make her debut.

I thought about getting a different doctor but we are getting ready to move and depending on where we go I will already be switching doctors.
Sorry about the rant it is just frustrating to clearly lay out preferences and how I want things to go and have it seem like my words are just bouncing off of him.
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