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December 19th, 2012, 07:54 AM
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I was going to post this on Monday before the internet went off!

When I totted up the points for the challenge so far on Monday, I noticed that quite a lot of the challenges have only been played by 1 or 2 people, or not at all. Since I have been without net and now have a million and one things to catch up on not to mention Yule coming up on Friday, I am going to suggest that you use this week to catch up, and I will also give points for 2 further activities which I'll post below.

To help you catch up, all the challenges can be found under this tag:
christmas challlenge - JustMommies Message Boards - Topics Tagged with christmas challlenge

Extra Challenge 1

Get Christmassy with your siggy and avatar. Every Christmassy item will receive 5 points. You could have a Christmassy siggy, blinkies, Flairs, or Christmas quotes. You can edit your signature, avatar and also custom user title in your User CP. When you're done, post in this thread so I can see the Christmassy items. You'll need to leave them in there until at least Christmas Day as it may be weekend before I get round to picking up the points. Yule/Solstice/winter/Diwali/Hannukah related items will all be counted.

Extra Challenge 2

Research a winter festival of light celebrated in December OTHER than Christmas or Yule, and post about it on the board in a new thread. Repeats will not be counted so make sure you're not doing the same as someone else has already done. You may include links but there should be at least a paragraph in your own words based on the reading you've done. No copy pasting information due to copyright laws please. Post the link to your research thread here for 10 points. I may give further discretionary points up to 25 points for quantity and/or quality of research. A list of winter festivals can be found here:
List of winter festivals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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