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December 19th, 2012, 02:09 PM
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I just wanted to start a little journal to remind myself when I look back what I feeling on a certain day.

Today is CD 5 of month 5 of actually trying. I have been off my birth control for like 7 months now. I feel totally normal today. AF left I think, not going to O for at least another week, nothing really to report.
This morning I was pretty mad at DH, I kind of feel bad now. He woke up at 7:08 and decided he didn't want to wake us up till later so he sets the alarm for 7:35. I am was sooo mad when I woke up because that is not enough time for me to get myself all dressed, with make up and hair done, eat breakfast, and do everything else and still make it to work on time. Luckily I skip a couple steps and still made it to work. But, I didn't eat breakfast or pack a very good lunch so I am currently starving.
I know he didn't mean to do it was just irritating to start my day that way. Then as I am getting ready I notice this huge mark on my neck. Oh really?! A hickey?! Its so dark and purple I couldn't even cover it. I had to wear a shirt that covered it. So of course I was mad at him already so that just made it worse. Then as I get in my truck and get ready to take off I notice I have no gas and he didn't give me gas money.. Now I have no idea if I can make it home on the gas I have. UGH!
So mostly today has been very irritating.

And I have another UTI. I am getting so sick of getting these. Its bull crap. I shouldn't get as many as I do but doctors don't care. They don't care that I have hives, that I'm not getting pregnant, that I get UTI's. They just think I'm fine. UGH! Soo annoyed today.
TTC my first! - 29th cycle.

**Thanks Lucy! Love my V-Day Blinkie**

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