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December 19th, 2012, 03:58 PM
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As this ended up not quite being part of the party entertainment, you ladies can have until Christmas Eve to enter. After that I will reveal the answers and the winner who guesses the most right will get an in-depth reading after Christmas.

To play, copy and paste this post into a PM and fill in your guesses as to which member of the PR each picture and statement relates to. Then PM it to me. It may help you to cast your eye over the member list in Whooo's Your Mama or Our Hatchlings and all the girls who PMd me stuff are regular visitors to the board.

Those who contributed, you can still play, with the advantage that you'll know an answer or two and won't have to guess.



Which mama owl is each of these factsets about?

a - She has a Betty Boop Christmas stocking, has 3 holes pierced in each ear and is anti Winnie the Pooh.

b - She has a hitchhiker's thumb, once won the
high point Youth Team Penner and Team Sorter in her region in the same year, and got married in a place called Dildo (and no, I'm not making it up ).

c - Which lady am I quoting here?

"I can't stand the Bad Girls Club. I like my fair share of reality tv drama, but those girls make ME want to smack them."
"I am afraid of the dark. No, seriously. I can't stand not being able to see all of my surroundings. Freaks me out lol"
d - She is left handed, has one older sister and her favourite scent is vanilla.

e - She pulled a sickie from work twice to see her favourite band play live, killed a car in the process, and had the hangover from hell when she met her favourite musician.
Lady Valkyrie


Which mama owl is each of these cute baby pictures of?

a -
Lady Coconut

b -
lol, the lady who sent me this, I did this when I was small as well apparently - yes I ATE out of a CAT DISH.

c -

d -

e -

f -

That's all I was given. Thanks to all the contributors. Good luck and have fun ladies!!

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