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December 19th, 2012, 07:01 PM
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We store in "hanging" wetbags that sit on the floor. We have three and rotate them around between the bathroom and living room and washing.

I wash about every 3 days, I have two wetbags that get dirties at the same time (living room is just wets, bathroom is poopy that have been sprayed), so whichever I grab or whichever is fuller for a good load. Our washer can hold about 25 nicely and get them clean, so I can't do one big load with both bags.

The number of diapers doesn't really affect how often I do laundry. I could keep my two boys in cloth for 10 days without washing if I needed/wanted to. But it's gross to let them sit for that long. So I basically wash and then often stack baskets (either folded or not) for a few days until two loads are clean and then restock the cabinet. That way all our diapers get an even rotation. But I don't have to rush for folding or restocking. It's a system that works for us. We have over 100 diapers for two kids in our OS stash, newborn stash (which will come out in may) has about 50 diapers and some prefolds. I know I am an addict
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